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Welcome to the official McTobi's Famous Barbecue web page!


CEO: KrazeeTobi

Chef: KrazeeTobi

Cashier: KrazeeTobi

Marketing: KrazeeTobi, Ap1evideogame, SteleCat


We Barbecue All Meats in Our Own Barbecue Pit

From Our Fountain

Giant Malts, made with Real Milk - 20 gold

Ice Cream Sodas - 20 gold

Sundaes - 20 gold

Root Beer (Large Glass) - 10 gold

Root Beer Float - 20 gold

Frosted Root Beer - 20 gold

Coca Cola - 10 gold

Coffee - 10 gold


Our Famous Barbecued Beef, Ham or Pork with French Fries - 35 gold

Aristocratic Hamburgers with French Fries - 25 gold

Melted Cheese with French Fries - 30 gold

Peanut Butter and Jelly with French Fries - 20 gold

Hamburger Steak with French Fries - 60 gold

Tamales and Chili with French Fries - 50 gold

Order of Straight Chili - 25 gold

Ham and Baked Beans - 50 gold

French Fries Served with All Sandwiches

Barbecued Plate with French Fries - 60 gold

Hamburger Royal with Chili and Beans - 40 gold

Chili and Beans - 20 gold

Don't Be Misled

Other places advertise their meat as "barbecued," when it is merely cooked in a stove. . . . You are welcome to see our meat while it is actually being barbecued in our own Barbecue Pit.