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The Team

SteleCat - Founder and current Owner of MC10YA. Has a tendancy to say "here".

Rylin - SteleCat's developer man.

That_Guy - Just some dude who's in the team, he joined before me so.... *shrug*

Ap1evideogame - Might have attended Hogwarts in his earlier years.. Just kidding! He's certainly a wizard, in that he's making a game. Check it out on his channel!

NostalgiaModder - A man with so many names that it just isn't worth giving him a proper nickname.

KrazeeTobi - 16-year old from England with a really, REALLY close "relationship" with Miles "Tails" Prower. Maintainer of the site.

Former Members

Jeretrea - Most famous for a moment in Episode 4 where he crunches the h*ck out of some food. Was removed from the team sometime after August 2019. In fact, he introduced me to SteleCat.